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What is Fat Burners?

They are types of anabolic steroids that help burn the body's stored fat, which is caused by completely focused on eating or sitting due to the work done during the periods when the sports are interrupted. When the required amount of use is reached, you can see the result and be satisfied. Of course, you can get maximum efficiency when these steroids are made with a solid diet.

Fat Burners Food ?

You can of course accelerate the fat burning process even more by dieting with your supplement use. In this process, it is necessary to set aside bad habits and consume healthier and calorie-free foods. Examples of these are fish, green apples, green tea, hot peppers, caffeine consumption, mct oil, and other vegetables. Of course, always keeping protein high in a diet will always create a calorie deficit, allowing you to burn faster and feel stronger during your workout.

Fat Burners Pills?

Before the supplements to be used in this process, the generally preferred green tea extracts are caffeine and yohimbine. However, they don't help you much in getting faster results. However, as a supplement, market products such as L-Carnitine and BCA are also used. However, these are not products that a bodybuilder would use. Of course, it can be used as a supplement product.

Fat Burners Steroids;

  • Winstrol
  • Clenbuterol
  • Ephedrine
  • T4 / T3 Cytomel
  • Sibutramine

Fat Burnes Exercise ?

After the food and steroids used, the important issue is of course exercise. The biggest problem of the athletes who are new to most sports and continue to share false information is that the burning of fat is accelerated by doing cardio all the time. But such a thing is metabolically impossible. The body makes a habit of repetitive things and by knowing this routine, it protects the enzymes that it secretes to lose weight. However, after a regional training or full body training, more calories and fat are burned. For this reason, if you work as cardio 2 days a week and weight training on other days, you will both develop faster and burn fat faster.

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